Thank you to our 15th Annual VanderDash Corporate Sponsors!

Please patron these outstanding businesses who so willingly support our school.





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Family Sponsors

Thank you to these Viking families who support the VanderDash. 

Adkins Family

Agha Family

Allen Family

Ames Family

Amato Family

Andresen Family

Bailey Family

Barnes Family

Benator Family

Bettis Family

Bottini Family

Brown Family

Burnett Family

Canaway Family

Chambers Family

Cohron Family

Curylo Family

Davis Family

Dees Family

Dempster Family

DePalma Family

Dias Family

Dixon Family

Domit Family

El-Rayes Family

Esslinger Family

Felder Family

Freund Family

Friedlander Family

Gagnon Family

Gaines Family

Galle Family

Gamble Family

Gates Family

Graham Family

Graser Family

Graviss Family

Gross Family

Harrison Family

Herrera Family

Heydorn Family

Jakob-Barnes Family

Johnston Family

Kahnke Family

Kay Family

Koduri Family

Koulouris Family

Lane Family

Larson Family

Lauman Family

Lauria Family

Levine Family

Levinson Family

Loustalot Family

Louviere Family

Mahoney Family

Malenke Family

Martinez Dorame Family

McAnally Family

Mendel Family

Mills Family

Mosley Family

Omess Family

Pepper Family

Perich Family

Pristach Family

Prusan Family

Radke Family

Ridgway Family

Rosenfeld Family

Rozenblat Family

Slavens Family

Smith Family

Smolen Family

Sofsky Family

Sparks Family

Stebbins Family

Thathil Family

Timlin Family

Tyler Family

Vacha Family

Velmer Family

Walters Family

Warren Family

Yilma Family

Ziskind Family